Showdown (evan)

Beginning of the duel
Dice selection

To begin the duel we will be determining who will get to set the scene of the final confrontation ( Upper Hand ), and who will get to set the scene for the first time the two characters met ( Flash of Insight ).

The person who selects the larger dice will get the Upper Hand and will set the scene of the final confrontation.

The dice used to determine the beginning of the duel will be discarded after this beginning phase.

Select the dice you are committing, then highlight the text in the space below to look at my selection.

In the space below is my dice selection:

D4 ║← highlight to see my selection

Whoever has selected the larger dice will get the “Upper Hand” and now sets the scene of the final duel. (If we are tied, we have to then select another die, and do this again.)

The final confrontation is set in the last place that these two characters will ever meet. Neither of them may leave this place during the game, because this is where one of them will die.

If you are setting the scene of the duel, describe the location where the duel is taking place, the environmental conditions at this location, and the position of the characters within the location.

The characters could just be showing up and starting off, or already in the middle of action. In any case, they haven’t been hurt yet… that’s what the rest of the game is for!

When setting the scene, you may talk about how your my character is at a disadvantage, as long as it’s not in a way that goes against your my Qualities.

Feel free to state obvious disadvantages, like one character being totally exposed while the other has the high ground or is concealed. It could be your character that is exposed or at a disadvantage if you like.

Many great stories start from these positions.

If you have a map, or want to create one, of the final battleground then you can send it to me via email and I will upload it to the maps section.

Theme and Style

We need to decide on a Theme and Style for our game, once this done we will create characters.

I want to suggest we go for a fantasy theme with close range weapons.

If this is OK with you then we can go ahead and create our characters.


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